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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Wow where to start...all over YouTube loads of ladies are talking about Luxy Hair Extensions?!

After sitting in front of the laptop for a few hours watching near enough every video, with of a hot cup of tea and yummy hobnobs biscuits, I was in love!

I ordered the 160g set in chestnut brown colour #6, but there is also 120g set available, ranging from 10 colours. These extensions are amazingly thick and haven’t shed at all (not like other extensions).

When contacting the Luxy ladies, they were so professional yet personal to help with getting their amazing product to me.

One thing I admire about this product is that the hair will blend even if you have highlights, due to the extensions having different colour tones, perfect!!

I started wearing extensions when I was around 19 but all have been horrible quality and unfortunately lasted a short amount of time. My hair unfortunately takes forever to grow and will not grow more than 3 inches in a year! I can finally say I have found the ideal set of extensions for fair price being all about the quality!

Breakdown (If i have missed anything)

Price: 120g - £76.13 ($119.95) 160g - £88.83 ($139.95)

All Length is 20 inches, for more details check out...

Ahana xoxo

Kirsten said...

i am about to order a set but am having so much trouble deciding what colour would match!

Amy Eden said...

My hair never grew either! I did ENDLESS research and came up with a regimen which now makes my hair grow 1 whole inch a month! Trust me, i measured, took pictures, the whole nine yards to make SURE I was calculating it correctly. I take 1 Biotin pill (5000grams, which is as much as your body will absorb in one day), 1 multi-vitamin, and 1 pre-natal pill. They are all safe to take together. In addition, I only allowed heat on my hair once a week, I washed it every other day or every 3 days if I could really take it, and I TRIED to massage my scalp with my fingertips for 3 minutes a day! I swear to you, my hair did NOT grow not even 1/4 of an inch until I started doing this and my hair growth quadrupled! I believe the what mostly made my hair grow were the pills, but everything else helped as well. I hope you try it! I promise you wont regret it! If you want to measure your hair now and compare it to your growth every month (like I did), straighten your hair, put on a plain t-shirt, bring all your hair to your back, have someone help you to come it out and with a marker place a line where your hair ends. Every month repeat the process and see exactly how much your hair is growing! If you try this let me know how it works out for you, good luck!

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